Whether you just want to experience an introductory flight for fun or are pursuing your FAA Pilot certificate, Salt Air Aviation Center is dedicated to providing Part 61 civilian flight training, seven days a week.  We are also a Part 141 flight training facility providing Naval Introductory Flight Screening (IFS).  We offer ground and flight instruction.  Our state-of-the-art RedBird Flight Simulator is a cost effective way to advance your training or maintain flight proficiency, regardless of the weather.  We are also an approved FAA Knowledge Testing Center.

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CHIEF FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR Larry Anderson I went for a ride in my friend’s Cessna 150 in the summer of 1973 and was hooked! I started lessons and by the end of the summer I was a Private Pilot. It was a lot easier then. I spent most of my adult years as an Electrical Engineer. After 27 years of ones and zeros, I decided to try something else. I considered Walmart, but the pay was too much. So, I decided to become a Flight Instructor. Why not have fun and get paid for it? In 2016 I moved to San Juan, PR and was the Chief Instructor at the Isle Grande Flight School, The first and oldest flight school in the Caribbean. What a blast! I would probably still be there if it weren’t for Hurricane Maria. It took my roommate and I four days to escape after the storm struck. Now I’m settled in Fairhope. I love it here. I am a Commercial Pilot, CFI, CFII, MEI, and CSIP. My goal is to fly until I’m 100.

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REDBIRD FLIGHT SIMULATOR FMX 1000-0308 - Full Motion The FAA has approved the FMX as an Advanced Aviation Training Device, it meets the requirements for EASA FNTP qualification, and over 20 other authorities recognize the value of training in the FMX. The Redbird FMX is a great primary training platform, thanks in large part to its expansive visual displays. You can still fly in the soup if needed, but accurately simulating VFR flights, opening up a huge range of uses for the FMX. Practice turns-around-a-point or fly the highway you'll pass over on a long cross-country flight. With a world-wide terrain database to support the 200° visuals, the FMX lets you experience the view from the cockpit before ever leaving the ground. Our aircraft configurations:
 172 steam gauge & G-1000
182RG G-1000 panel ONLY $45/hr

Salt Air is an approved FAA Knowledge Testing Center.